• Outside seating near the entrance
  • Interior, front desk counter
  • Interior, order service counter

Mr Shucks Seafood

Hooked at First Bite

Whether you are looking for a fresh market, dine-in, or just a quick take-out, family-owned and operated Mr. Shuck’s Seafood is the destination for you! Don’t expect silver service or fancy décor.

We invite you to a relaxed Southern food adventure. The creations served here are very simple, yet mind-blowing in their flavor. But, don’t just take our word, come and experience the delicious eats from under the sea first hand. You can feast on blue crabs, snow crabs, shrimp, crawfish, low country boil, fried corn or buffalo eggs. Bring your friends and family and have a seafood feast. We will absolutely rock your world!

Meet Mr. Shuck

Donte Habersham